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How Roth IRA Taxes Work

Understand what to expect in taxes when you open a Roth IRA. While traditional IRAs allow you to defer paying income tax on your retirement savings, you depot after-tax funds in a Roth IRA. “Contributions are not deducted from current year income taxes, so you are still paying those taxes,” says Jeff Wright, president and wealth advisor at Wright Wealth in Atlanta.


The Darby Project

Its all about relationships.

Jeff Wright served as a Ranger Company Fire Support Officer at 1/75. Jeff provides private wealth management services for senior executives, business owners, and special needs families. He strives to consolidate and simplify all of these complexities for clients, so they can focus on the goals, objectives, and priorities that their wealth exists to support.


Leading with Vulnerability

Leading with Vulnerability

Jeff is an experienced leader with over 10 years of experience in the financial services, defense, and consulting industries. He has a history of success in small team leadership. Jeff is passionate about leadership, teamwork, and helping people achieve their goals-financial and otherwise.


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