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Mastering Your Finances During Deployment: A Tactical Guide

March 22, 2024

In the world of military deployments, financial stability is a critical component of overall well-being. As your financial advisor, I'm here to guide you through a strategic plan to stay in control of your finances during deployment. From pre-deployment preparations to post-deployment celebrations, let's explore practical steps for navigating this unique financial journey.

  1. Discuss Bills Before Deployment: Open communication is paramount. Prior to your spouse's departure, create a comprehensive list of all shared bills and their due dates. This ensures both partners are aligned on financial responsibilities, laying the groundwork for a smooth financial journey.
  2. Avoid Overspending Before Deployment: A surge in income doesn't warrant unnecessary expenses. Develop a deployment-specific budget, focusing on essentials rather than splurging on electronics and equipment. This disciplined approach will set the tone for financial stability.
  3. Maintain Extra Savings: Unexpected emergencies can arise. Regularly contribute to savings, even if it's a modest amount from each paycheck. Platforms like Military Saves can help you set achievable savings goals and stay committed to building a financial safety net.
  4. Live off Your Predeployment Income: Resist the temptation to increase spending with extra income. Stick to your predeployment lifestyle, utilizing the surplus funds to pay down debts or invest for the future. This approach contributes to long-term financial security.
  5. Leverage Extra Savings During Deployment: Seize the financial opportunities that come with deployments:
    • Thrift Savings Plan: Increase deposits to secure your financial future.
    • Roth TSP Investments: Explore after-tax contributions for tax-free withdrawals.
    • Savings Deposit Program: Capitalize on the 10% interest rate available only during deployment.
    • Military Star Card: Benefit from lower interest rates and explore credit card rate reductions under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act.
  6. Homecoming and Financial Planning: Celebrating homecoming is joyous but requires financial foresight:
    • Set Aside Savings: Allocate funds during deployment for special occasions.
    • Explore Post-Deployment Deals: Check for special rates at the installation travel office.
    • Shop Smart: Utilize tax breaks and special sales at the installation exchange and commissary.


Deployments pose challenges, but with a meticulous financial strategy, you can emerge financially resilient. By following these steps, you'll not only navigate the financial complexities of deployment but also pave the way for a secure financial future. As your financial advisor, my commitment is to support you throughout this journey. Stay disciplined, stay informed, and take control of your finances during deployment.

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